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Pastoral Support and Wellbeing

At All Saints, we endeavour to provide the highest quality pastoral support throughout the school. 
Our pastoral team is made up of Mrs Fortune, community and pastoral lead, Mrs Scott, learning mentor, and Mrs Marston, our pastoral support assistant.


The aims of pastoral support at All Saints

  • To meet the differing needs of all children so that each child is equipped with the skills to cope with school life.

  • To support children to address social, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs.

  • To work alongside the wider school staff to provide an atmosphere in which children feel secure, are encouraged in their learning and know that they are valued within a healthy and safe environment.

  • To encourage pupils to recognise and reflect upon the school's Core Christian Values (Love, Courage, Honesty, Forgiveness, Faith, Respect).

  • To work with parents, outreach agencies, and other schools in our cluster to ensure the continuity and progress of individual pupils.

  • To promote the importance of positive well-being including good physical and mental health.

  • To support groups and individuals with transition both within the school and when our Year 6 children move to secondary school.

The role of the Pastoral Support Team

  • To work with staff to ensure good pupil support and build upon the caring and respectful relationships that exist between staff, pupils, and families.

  • To support and work alongside class teachers and families to address pastoral concerns which may impact their child’s learning, development or wellbeing.

  • To provide specialist support for individual children and/or groups; listening and talking to children who may need support with a variety of pastoral issues: self-esteem and confidence, bereavement, understanding of feelings and emotions, anxieties, worries, developing social and friendships skills etc.

  • To respond to situations as they arise within school.

  • To meet with families, usually alongside a class teacher, to discuss issues relating to their child.

  • To ‘signpost’ families to outside services for appropriate provision and support.


How does the Pastoral Support Team work?

  • The class teacher is the first point of contact between home and school. They ensure parents are regularly updated on any issues that are preventing their child from reaching their full potential.

  • Class teachers make referrals to the pastoral team. Class teachers discuss barriers or needs of the child and work with the pastoral team and then work together to decide on the correct pathway of support.

  • Sessions (usually 20-45 minutes) can be individual or small group work and are tailored to the child’s individual needs.

  • Pastoral sessions are fun and might include role-play, puppets, board games, art and craft activities, therapeutic or social stories and of course time to talk.

  • A pupil’s progress will be reviewed on a half-termly basis.

  • Members of the pastoral team regularly check-in with any children they have worked with in the previous half-term.


  • Pupils – any child in the school can ask to speak to our Pastoral Team if they have a problem or a worry at school or at home.  They can do this by asking the class teacher.  A suitable time will then be arranged to meet.

  • Parents/carers – if you have a pastoral concern regarding your child, contact the class teacher. Please call the School office on 01943 464703 or email:

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