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School Meals & Packed Lunches

Pupils at Otley All Saints can choose between school meals provided by our catering team, or packed lunches brought in from home.

Please note that school meals are not available for nursery children.

All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two are entitled to free school meals.  From Year Three, a payment of £2.50 per meal must be paid.

It is possible to mix and match between school meals and packed lunches, but the routine must be consistent from week to week. Two week's notice must be given of any reduction in school meals.

Menus are organised on a three week cycle

Here is Week 1

(weeks beginning 19.2.24, 11.03.24, 15.04.24,

06.05.24, 03.06.24, 24.06.24, 15.07.24)

Feb 24 Page 1 menu image.png

Week 2

(weeks beginning 26.02.24, 18.03.24, 22.04.24,

13.05.24, 10.06.24, 01.07.24, 22.07.24)

Feb 24 Page 2 menu image.png

School Meals

Our new menus include many of our favourite choices together with some new exciting options.  One of the choices will always be vegetarian, and salad and fruit are always available.  

The menus work on a three week rolling pattern, dates are shown in the top left of the three images on this page.

We encourage as many families as possible to take advantage of our delicious lunches.

Special dietary needs can be accommodated - please contact our school office.

Packed Lunches

We encourage pupils to bring a healthy packed lunch.

For guidance on a balanced packed lunch, please click on the link below:

Healthy packed lunch guidance

Week 3

(weeks beginning 04.03.24, 25.03.24, 29.04.24,

20.05.24, 17.06.24, 08.07.24)

Feb 24 Page 3 menu image.png
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