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We are hugely proud of our school and all of our pupils, and we know that our uniform really promotes a sense of belonging, school unity and pride in All Saints. 

Perhaps more importantly though, it ensures equality, reduces peer pressure and creates a level playing field in which all children are alike, thus raising the self-esteem of our pupils.

With this in mind the school uniform policy for Otley All Saints C of E Primary School is set out below. 


Pupils should attend school wearing P.E. kit on the days on which they have P.E.

All items with the school logo on them can be purchased at JR Sports, 2 Orchard Gate, Otley.

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School Uniform


  • Grey school pinafore, skirt, smart trousers or shorts.

  • Royal blue gingham dress/shorts suit for summertime.

  • White plain polo shirt or school logo polo shirt.

  • Royal blue school logo crew neck sweatshirt or royal blue school logo cardigan.

  • Grey tights.

  • Plain grey or white socks.

  • Sensible all black shoes or trainers


  • Smart grey trousers or shorts.

  • White plain polo shirt or school logo polo shirt.

  • Royal blue school logo crew neck sweatshirt or royal blue school logo cardigan.

  • Plain grey or white socks

  • Sensible all black shoes or trainers


(Trainers worn as school shoes as part of the uniform should be entirely black.)



PE Kit

  • Royal blue, non-branded sports shorts (not cycling shorts or skorts)

  • Plain navy blue, non-branded jogging bottoms (not leggings, sports tights or shell trousers)

  • White, school logo, P.E. t shirt.

  • Royal blue school logo hoodie (only to be worn on P.E. days).  If you prefer not to purchase a school logo hoodie your child can wear their school logo crew neck jumper or school logo cardigan.

  • Sports trainers can be worn on P.E. days.

(Plain, non-branded, navy blue jogging bottoms and royal blue, non-branded sports shorts can also be purchased from JR Sports, but are also widely available on the high street.)

Please ensure that all items of school uniform are clearly named so that they can be easily returned.

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Children with hair longer than shoulder length should have their hair tied back for hygiene reasons and to prevent hair falling forwards as they are working.


Nail varnish should not be worn.

Jewellery or wristbands should not be worn with the exception of plain silver or gold studs. These should be removed or covered on P.E. days.

Watches may be worn, but should be removed for P.E.

Birthday Treat

On your child’s birthday, they can come to school in non-uniform of their choice should they wish. If your child has an August birthday, they can select a day in July. If your child’s birthday falls during a school holiday or on a weekend, they can select a day on their return to school. In line with our healthy schools policy and again to avoid peer pressure this will be instead of your child handing out sweets or treats.


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