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Art and Design

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At Otley All Saints Primary School pupils are encouraged and given opportunities to work in a variety materials using a range of equipment. The scheme of work is designed to allow progression and acquisition of skills from The Early Years Foundation Stage to the End of Key Stage Two.

Children are encouraged to be imaginative and independent yet adopting a structured approach to their work. We feel that it is important that the environment in which pupils work is enriching and stimulating so that the inventiveness coupled with creativeness can be developed. Individuality is encouraged even thought he children may be working within a predetermined structure which offers security. 

We believe in clearly defined objectives within firm guidelines which allows for a flexible approach.

Drawing, Painting and ICT will be taught in every year group to ensure continuity and progression of skills across the school.Collage, 3D work, Printing and Textiles will be taught across pairs of year groups: Early Years, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2, Upper Key Stage 2.

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Year 6 Art.jpg

Year 6 Christmas Art 2023

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